Hello Everybody! Winter is great and winter means snow!! It’s almost spring now but this is what we were able to do when it wasn’t too cold out! Brrr…my boots kept falling off. Here comes the flowers!

Mar 22. 12 Notes.

Hello Everybody! We had an adventure to a dog festival! It was lots of fun and after we went into a great big dog park!

Oct 23. 16 Notes.

Hello Everybody! Time for the last swim of the summer! Time sure flies when you’re waiting for cool weather, now all I want is Halloween!

Oct 17. 8 Notes.

Hello Everybody! This summer has been wacky weather! Hot and cold but now it’s hot again. We’re staying in the air conditioning! This is a local dog festival I went to earlier this summer! It was hot but pretty fun! If you look really hard, you might see the pictures from last time we went! (Hint: wardrobe change!)

Aug 30. 9 Notes.

Hello Everybody! We went to a summer carnival! There was so much to look at and smell! It’s so hot that it was nice to have something to take our minds off the heat! How is everyone else spending the summer?

Jul 13. 7 Notes.

Hello Everybody! It’s that special day when we all think about our moms! I thought it would be really neat to tell you about my dog-mom! My human mom had some pics so I can share them with you now, so I hope you like them ! I also hope everyone gives their mom a really big hug! Moms are great!!

May 12. 14 Notes.

Hello everyone! I had a birthday not too long ago! Mom says I am five years old now! I still feel pretty young, so I guess that means I can act like a puppy as much as I want. It’s already warmer! Pretty soon more outdoor adventures for us to enjoy!

Apr 16. 14 Notes.

Hello everyone! This is the LAST set of snow pictures! Oh no! But that means more adventures outside I hope. Less cold means more fun! I found a really good spot to dig in the snowbanks every day and I make a really big hole before it all melted! Maybe I will start a Corgi-ready tunnel system next winter!

Apr 09. 15 Notes.

Hello everyone! This is a quick post about playing in the snow….in the dark! Nighttime snow is fun since it is so quiet and there are no cars! Mom, Dad, and I ran around like crazy!

It’s getting warmer though so the snow is going away so fast! Flowers are on the way, I can’t wait!

Apr 06. 11 Notes.

machetethecorgi said: did you make the artwork/drawings for your blog? they are ADORABLE!!!

My Dad drew everything off photos of me! He’s really talented! He has more work at http://doublereppuken.tumblr.com/ !

Mar 21. 0 Notes.